GIP Green Project Database

GIP Green Project Database

Dear entrepreneurs and investors!

Add your project to the green project database of the international Green Investment Principles for Belt and Road Initiative (GIP Green Project Database)!

GIP Green Project Database is a platform available to potential investors who are signatories of the GIP (Green Investment Principles of the Belt and Road Initiative).

We will screen the preliminary project information that you submit (full project name and other project information) against the criteria of the GIP Green Project Database, and if compliance is confirmed, we will ask you to submit more detailed project information in the prescribed form, along with project teasers.

Please fill out the form attached, preferably, in English. However, where the latter is an issue, GFC will assist in translation, as well as in filling out certain fields, in particular those relating to project classification according to China's Green Industry Guidance Catalogue.

After filling out the form, submit the draft to [email protected] with a GIP Green Project Database descriptor for us to ensure correct completion, after which the scan of the final signed form along with a project teaser or presentation (in English) could be submitted. As the next step, GFC will forward the materials to the GIP Secretariat for inclusion in the database.

For any questions, please contact us via the email above, or dial +7 701 6525458. 

The AIFC Green Finance Center (GFC) is the regional office of the Green Investment Principles for Belt and Road (GIP) in Central Asia. The GIP Secretariat operates a database of green projects in the macro-region in collaboration with Refinitiv to provide a portal for financial institutions and project developers, thereby helping them reduce the cost of collecting information.

The list of financial institutions that are GIP signatories can be found here:

Link to the GIP Green Project Database

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