AIFC Green Finance Advisory Council

AIFC Green Finance Advisory Council

The Advisory Council on Green Finance was established under the AIFC. The objectives of the Advisory Council are to advise and assist the Governor of the AIFC, as well as AIFC Bodies and their organisations, in developing green financial system that enables the AIFC to position itself as a regional green finance hub and in developing strategic documents of the AIFC on green finance.

Current members of the Council include:

  1. Sean Kidney, Chair, CEO and co-founder of Climate Bonds Initiative
  2. Nikolai Podguzov, Chairman of the EDB Management Board
  3. Alexander Van de Putte, Chief Strategy Officer of the AIFC Governor’s Council
  4. Vincent Duijnhouwer, Associate Director/Lead Country Engagement, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change team, EBRD
  5. Michael Sheren, Senior Advisor of Bank of England
  6. Linar Yakupov, General Director of IFC Linova
  7. Ma Jun, Director of Beijing Institute of Finance and Sustainability

There are 5 focus groups under this Council with the participation of representatives of industries for holding consultations on draft documents, amendments to the acts developed by the AIFC Green Finance Centre, discussion on measures to support green projects, as well as development of new financial mechanisms for them. In particular, the focus groups will be created in the following areas:

  1. Regulation of AIFC in the field of green finance;
  2. Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of green finance;
  3. Investment solutions for green projects (green bonds);
  4. Green projects and expertise;
  5. Technical assistance and new financial instruments for green projects.